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Primitive Dolls & Gollys


One thing I have learned about Primitive Dolls, Primitive is definitely in the eye of the beholder. What is primitive to one person may not be to another.


Primitive dolls are too wonderful not to love!  Crooked smiles, whimsical faces, odd noses, kooky hair or mismatched clothes and accessories. 


No matter what your taste in primitive dolls we have it. We truly enjoy handcrafting our one-of-a-kind and limited edition treasures just for you.


Before you buy, please be aware that our entire product is primitively aged: cloth goods are old and dirty looking so if you’re purchased item arrives looking old, worn, and used, it was meant to.


Each item is individually handmade and colours may vary as each item is unique.


Miniature teddy bears, from traditional to unique, but always cuddly! Our miniature teddy bears are fully jointed in the arms and legs come in

  • Bedtime with a friend (blue/pink)
  • Bumble Bee
  • Lady Bug
  • Lady Tiger
  • Lady Cheetah
  • Rose Barrie (purple, red, pink, orange, green and blue)


Primitive Rag Dolls
Primitive Rag Dolls

Primitive Handmade Golly

Primitive Handmade Gollys

Mammy and Golly wogs for $4.95

2# Miniature 8cm Golly and Mammy fully jointed in the arms and legs.

Primitive Rose Barrie Bears

Primitive Rose Barrie Bears $4.95ea

Bedtime with a friend

Bedtime with a friend